Cooking with Thug Kitchen was a rollercoaster ride.

There were big highs—oh, the belly laughs at the hilarious writing—and some swooping delights courtesy of the ginger-lime sparklers and chili-hot tortilla soup.

There was apprehension! Would plantain chips doused in little more than lime juice and a heap of pungent spices fly or fail?

And, sadly, there were lows—a botched dessert in chocolate fudge pops and a dressing-drenched slaw.

Most of all, there were leftovers. WAY too many leftovers. Heaps of peanuty slaw. Troughs of tortilla soup. That part’s my fault: I cooked for a mob, rather than my little family of three. To honestly assess this book, I should probably experiment with it more minus the tripling and quadrupling. Hell, I just opened to the Big-Ass Cup of Cozy section and skimmed the Wedding Soup with White Bean Balls and Kale recipe…

That sounds good enough to fucking eat.

The results: 6.5 spatulas