I stuck a “didn’t work” flag on this recipe and here’s why.

Grilled salads are hard to pull off. There’s a crap-load of oil (both from the dressing and all the grilling). Everything looks kind of dingy (disappointing when one hears the word “salad” and imagines fresh, crisp, cool and light). And the flavor gets stuck on one note  D minor, maybe?  with all those ingredients heaped together without a crunchy green counterpoint, umami protein chunk or fruity burst.

Sure, I like grilled zucchini and grilled eggplant (sort of, in small doses). But add roasted red peppers, which were already a bit slimy from the jar, and a heap of caramelized onions that our over-eager oven turned into something approximating the glistening exterior of a sticky bun and you’ve got a “salad” in theory only. We ate it, we did. And with the other dishes of our Greek feast, particularly the fish, it wasn’t all that bad. But make this again, we shall not.