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Random Bon Appétit recipes: Part 4

Finally, this past weekend I made Fresh Strawberry Jam in order to slather it upon Strawberry Jam Biscuits (both from the June 2013 issue) the next morning.

This jam is incredibly easy to make. The home cook simply cooks hulled, halved (or quartered, if the berries are huge) fresh strawberries with a heap of sugar over medium-high heat “until jamlike in consistency.” No pectin. No freezer. No canning complication. Just cooking with the occasional stirring.

When the chunky red-pink syrup looked oozy and sticky, which took about 20 minutes, I pulled the pot off the burner and stirred in both lime zest and juice. Then I let it cool before spooning it into a jar and sticking it into the fridge.

To make the biscuits the following morning, I whisked together sugar, baking powder, salt and flour; worked in slices of chilled butter—an entire stick, mind you—along with a teaspoon of fresh lime zest with my fingers; and added some buttermilk. After combining it all with a fork, I kneaded it carefully into a “shaggy” dough, rolled out the dough, used a glass to cut out biscuits and arranged them on a Silpat-covered baking sheet.

Before sticking the pale rounds into the oven, I brushed the tops of each biscuit with some beaten egg and sprinkled sugar, and then put a big thumbprint in the center of each biscuit for a spoonful of the fresh strawberry jam. The biscuits baked for about 18–22 minutes.

Bon Appétit says to serve the biscuits warm, with vanilla ice cream “if using,” and more jam. We skipped the 8 a.m. ice cream and pretended we were eating a healthy breakfast instead. Fresh off the baking sheet, these were very, very good. The lime zest in both the biscuits and the jam is particularly inspired—a bright, tart note against the sweet, fruity strawberry.

I’m totally sold on Bon App, as we’ve now nicknamed the magazine. Some of the articles are a little pretentious—foody snark for world-weary readers. But for the most part, the recipes are straightforward, well edited and accurate; the photos are lush and practically edible; and the range of foods and flavors covered impressive.

I might even subscribe to the magazine if it ever stops appearing in my mailbox!


  1. jenny

    I loved these, too! they were definitely one of those recipes that I had to make as soon as I saw it in the mag. and I agree–the lime zest, although I was initially skeptical about it, really is inspired. hooray for yummy summer treats! 🙂

    • Erin

      Of course I thought of you immediately when I saw both recipes! Tasty, tasty strawberry deliciousness.

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